Vision & Mission
To inspire everyone who hears it and empower staff to find their own purpose with the greater mission. To shine steadily like a lighthouse when storms bluster, by setting a standard for quality performance and establish a mark in Global early care and Childhood Education.
Ensuring smooth physical, mental and emotionally development in children and acquisition of positive habits; Preparing children for primary education; Creating a common environment of education and development for children coming from different families and environments;
At Annex Little Me we are striving to give your child best environment to develop them and prepare for the new world outside. We promise that everyday your child will learn something new at - Annex Little Me
"" Some days it will come home in their hands.
Some days it will come home in their head.
Some days it will come home in their heart. ""

ANNEX LITTLE ME Preschools – Parent`s first choice.

Preschools are typically rated on two dimensions of quality — process and structure. The interactions, activities, infrastructure and materials, learning opportunities, and health and safety routines are observed and rated as a measure of process quality. The second dimension, structural quality, includes the size of each group of children, the adult-child ratio, and the education and training of the teachers and staffs. Annex Little Me preschools are rated excellent on both dimensions and as a result it becomes a pioneer of Early care and Childhood Education in India.

Quick Facts about Annex Little Me:

  • “U” concept child friendly, colourful and chirpy classroom.
  • Individual attention to students
  • Concept of realistic Activity Arcades
  • Emphasis on practical learning
  • Uses of unique L.P. Items.
  • Personal, social & emotional development
  • Specially designed Mid-week “Fun Day-Learn Day” program.
  • Strict security measures with full time CCTV
  • Professional trained teachers
  • Technology implementation as per learning requirements.
More About Us

Our Programs:

Annex Little Me Preschool program has four dedicated classes.


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Annex Little Me Anthem

"The most important things don't fit into words. That's why there's music." We are hereby launching our very own "Annex Little Me Anthem". We are very much thankful to the little ones, who sang the chorus and the entire team who made this project successful. Last but not the least we're also thankful to the Executive Director of Annex Little Me for shaping the lyrics.

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