Message from Executive Director

As the executive director it`s my greatest pleasure to introduce Annex Little Me, where we believe your child`s future begins.

When "a bub is Blossom to a flower" it required sunlight, water and rain, just like that, a child is also required good atmosphere, quality time of their parents, love and care. Kids start developing themselves from their parent's eye. They try to imitate your tone of voice, body language, words, behaviour towards others. They observed every single action. No child is in the world can become happy and successful without preserving his super conscious mind. At the same time, no one can stop the child who has retained his super conscious mind from being happy and successful. On this note preschools play a vital role.

Scientist state that 80% of brain development occurs at an early age. ...Parents should respect his children's Desires and Independence. Most importantly, a preschool should make the environment like a home so that they enjoy being at school more than they being at home. A supportive learning environment requires time, reflection (thinking) and planning. Whether children spend three or twelve hours a day in a program, the environment plays a major role in helping children`s development and learning. That is, children who enter school less ready to learn are those that benefit the most from supportive classroom environments. Such supportive environments send children a variety of positive messages. At Annex Little Me we always maintain that kind of atmosphere, which children love the most. Our schools infrastructures are enriched with lot of realistic activity arcades and teaching aids and child friendly colourful classroom which also play a major roll for the holistic development of your child.
I look forward to welcome you to your nearest Annex Little Me branch, where you must find a new kind of teaching atmosphere, which is most unique and important for your child`s foundation.

Thank you,

Tapashi Karmakar Mukhoti
" Executive Director Annex Little Me "