Mentors & Facilitators:

Teachers are the face of love inside the classroom. Annex Little Me is a place where teachers care about their students happiness, well-being and life beyond the classroom. They want students to identify individual strength and weaknesses. They care every individual separately. All of our Mentors are trained, highly motivated and professional. They are dynamic, caring, dedicated & competent to teach our children with utmost patience and understanding. Some quick facts that an Annex Little Me Mentor has – as

ORGANIZED :   Preschool children need structure. When they know what’s coming next, they feel less anxious and more able to engage in their activities. Annex Little Me teachers follow an organized plan from day to day and keep to a structured curriculum. They also have an organized system for drop-offs and pickups, communicating with parents, keeping the space neat and tidy, etc. Everyone, including parents, knows what to expect at all times.

PATIENCE + A DASH OF HUMOR :   Annex Little Me teachers understand mistakes and accidents happen, especially with toddlers. They patiently handle upsets with a sense of humour, and don’t let minor issues phase them. They keep the end goal in mind, and don’t dwell on frustrations in the moment. Children respond well to these non-judgmental reactions to their behaviour, and they feel more confident to try new things when they know they’ll be patiently encouraged or redirected.

OPEN MINDED :  Even though children are no longer forced to fall in line and conform to one best way of teaching (the teacher’s way of course) like in the olden days, ...