The most important requirement for becoming an Annex Little Me franchise partner is love for kids and little ones. We always look for passionate business partners who are committed to build a long term business relationship with Annex Little Me. We search for following qualities in a play school franchisee partner:

1 ABILITY is what you are capable of doing, MOTIVATION- determines what you do, ATTITUDE- determines how well you do, DESCIPLINE- the one thing necessary to achieve any goal worth having, PASSION- for growth and entrepreneurial spirit.

2 Area Minimum 1500 - 2000 sq. feet, preferably on the ground floor (relaxable for METRO CITIES & hill stations).

3 Investment 4 Lakhs onwards (depending on the city & location) including License Fee. As royalty, we take 15% of the total collection of fee.

4 Business acumen with a long term vision in mind.

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