Annex Little Me Preschool program has four dedicated classes.

Age Group : 1.5 – 2.5 Years
Duration :
2.5 - 3 Hours   per day

our_team_2 Little Annie Jr has been especially crafted for children between the age group of 1.5-2 .5years, keeping in mind the holistic development of the children at this age. The program offers a structured learning and developmental experience to the kids including rhymes, free play, colours, words and numbers identifications, sensory activities, writing activities, Who-am-I corner activities, art & craft, scrap book activities, sand & water activities and outdoor & indoor play.

Key Areas in Little Annie Jr :

  • Early Settlement of the child outside the home.
  • Develop listening and speaking of two syllable words and two word sentences.
  • Exposure of English the second language for the child other than the mother Tongue.
  • Develop a grasp hold to enable scribbling, irrespective of pattern and shape.
  • Exploration of letters, Numbers, primary shapes, primary colours.
  • Development of cognition to cause and effect relationship.
  • Development of fine and gross physical motor skills.
  • Develop cognition through sensorial activities.
Age Group : 2.5 – 3.5 Years
Duration :
2.5 - 3 Hours   per day

our_team_2 Children start to explore the world around them as soon as they are born. Little Annie Sr class enables children to continue their exploration. This program will foster social, aesthetic and motor skills in young children. This program helps infants and toddlers develop their latent language and maths skills also. This program includes Sensory Time, Story Time, Creative Time, Library Time, Zoo time, Farm House time, Doll house time, Concept centres activity, Celebration of festivals and special days, Field Trips, Puppet shows and skits, Technology Corner Activity.

Key Areas in Little Annie Sr :

  • Learning by exploration
  • Building communication skills
  • Encouraging positive peer interaction
  • Theme based Concept Time
  • Math Readiness
  • Language Readiness
  • Opportunities for fine and gross motor development
  • Promoting cognitive development
Age Group : 3.5 – 4.5 Years
Duration :
3 – 3.5 Hours   per day

our_team_2 Quality education in the early years of preschool sets a firm foundation in the overall development of a child. Annie Pro Jr program provides a right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning goals. Children are engaged in school readiness & social readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting, number recognition and problem solving in a fun filled but purposeful manner. This program also includes Bank or Post Office time, Petrol pump time, ATM time, Super Market time, Roadside assistance activities etc. Children are encouraged to fasten their learning through collaborative activities in the areas of dramatics, science and arts.

Key Areas in Little Pro Jr :

  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Expression through art and drama
  • Theme based Concept Time
  • Math and Language Skill Development
  • Opportunities for fine and gross motor development
  • Promoting cognitive development
Age Group : 4.5 – 5.5 Years
Duration :
3 – 3.5 Hours   per day

our_team_2 The transition from preschool to primary school is a crucial time of change for both children as well as their parents. Annex Pro Sr program ensures smooth transition to formal schooling with meaningful and progressive learning experiences. In addition to age-appropriate activities, which prepare a child for success in formal school; various other activities are conducted in the areas of language, numbers, general knowledge, music, art in a planned manner throughout the program. This program also includes Personality grooming, Public speaking, social awareness, Humanity and Conscience developing etc.

Key Areas in Little Pro Sr :

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development
  • Cognitive development
  • Theme based Concept Time
  • Math readiness
  • Language and Phonics
  • Inculcating Life-long learning skills
  • Opportunities for development of aesthetic sense

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